What is Debt Management?

Taking Control of Your Debt

In the present more and more people are finding difficult to go in tune with debt. Effective and efficient debt management is needed for such people to overcome their debt problems. This article gives details regarding:

  • Is counseling a major service provided by debt management service companies?
  • What are the two types of debt management service solutions?
  • Will debt management service companies offer personal and professionalized help?

What is Debt ManagementMany customers, frustrated by their debt and spending ask themselves how to get out of debt. Maybe you have already asked yourself this type of question. Maybe you are wondering what is debt management, anyway? If you are, you are not alone. More customers than ever before are finding themselves in debt – and are finding themselves increasingly frustrated at what debt does to their money. In frustration, many customers turn to a debt management program or service that promises to get them out of debt quickly and painlessly.

What are debt management services and companies?

You may have seen advertisements for debt management companies and services. You may have even been tempted to approach this type of debt management company to find out what you could expect. Although companies vary widely, most services offering debt management options offer customers a few things:

  1. Structured repayment program
    These types of programs have different names, but they work the same way. Customers pay the debt management firm a pre-set amount of money. The company uses that money to repay the customer’s creditors.
  2. Counseling
    These companies offer advice and help. This can help you understand your current debt situation, your options, and ways that you can avoid debt in the future.
  3. Education
    Many debt management companies educate customers about proper uses of debt and credit.
  4. Referrals to other services
    If your situation is so far advanced that bankruptcy is your only option, or if you require other services beyond what the debt management services can offer, they will refer you to someone who can help.
  5. Debt consolidation loans and services
    Many companies offer debt consolidation loans or services that basically pool all your debts into one large debt. This can help save you thousands of dollars in interest and can make bill time much easier.
  6. Resources
    If you need information, phone consultations, or pamphlets and publications to help you understand debt, many debt management firms have a wide array of resources you can choose from.
  7. Advocacy with your bill collectors
    When you sign up with a debt management company, the counselors at the company will call your creditors and bill collectors and speak on your behalf.

There are basically two types of debt management solutions: non-profit and for-profit. Non-profit debt management companies may still charge fees, but their costs are more modest. They are more likely to provide counseling and additional education services to ensure that you stay out of debt. For-profit debt management companies are like any other bushiness looking to make money. They may have more resources and more time for you on a one-on-one basis, since you will be spending more money. They may also be willing to offer a wider array of services. Some customers prefer non-profit debt management firms while others prefer for-profit companies. The choice is up to you, but being aware that this distinction exists can help you make the right decision to get rid of your debt.