About Us

We've walked in your shoes...

We may be the new kids on the block but that does not mean we are a bunch of amateurs, quite the contrary in fact. Each member of our staff has no less than 5 years experience as a credit counselor. So basically we have put in place a group of professionals that not only know the credit industry but more importantly, can truly empathize with your situation. What prompted many of our staff members to seek employment as a credit counselor is their own experience. That is to say, “they have walked in your shoes.” This is an important component in not only helping you with your situation but also truly understanding what you are dealing with.

We do not use high pressure sales tactics but have a rather simple philosophy of presenting you with all the facts and letting you make the decision. We do not omit information, or paint a picture that is too good to be true. No, you will be given 100% honesty or as we like to say, “ THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY.” There will be no surprises as we prepare you for every possibility, whether it be good or bad.

Have a question? Talk to our expert.

This story can be repeated by many of our staff members. It is an indication that regardless of your level of education or back ground, debt can take its toll on anyone.

So if you are looking for help with overwhelming debt and appreciate honesty above anything else and want someone who can truly understand your situation, please give us a call.