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Getting out of debt is always a great idea but for some of us, those of us that live paycheck to paycheck, an impossibility. Overwhelming debt can have a negative impact on almost every facet of our lives. It can ruin marriages and relationships, keep us from obtaining certain jobs, increase the cost of our car insurance and other needed services and mostly, just make our day to day lives miserable.
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Debt Settlement has many names, such as Debt Arbitration, Debt Mediation, Debt Mitigation, Debt Management or simply Debt Relief but ultimately all these names translate into one thing and that is to, help individuals burdened with high unsecured debt or medical bills become debt free and avoid bankruptcy.
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Current student loan default rates have exceeded 12% of all borrowers, This equates to well over 600,000 borrowers who are not paying their student loans. Given today’s economic situation it not a surprising fact but for many borrowers avoiding a default status is more a matter of not knowing their options.
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